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Harbaugh wears more than khakis? Throwback photo with NFL legends proves he’s got style

NFL put a picture on Instagram of Harbaugh with NFL legends. He wasn’t wearing khakis.

Remember Zubaz pants? The NFL Instagram account posted a throwback photo of Jim Harbaugh and other quarterback legends wearing them in the early 90’s.

Jim Harbaugh caught wind of the “squad” post, and tweeted his fellow legends:

Top Row Of Photo: John Elway, Bernie Kosar, Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, Jim Everett, Steve Young

Bottom Row: Warren Moon, Troy Aikman, Jim Harbaugh, Randall Cunningham, Phil Simms.

These pants were best-sellers for a substantial period of time. Now NFL Shop is selling these again, colors available for all 32 teams. They were originally marketed as pants for weightlifters, having an elastic waistband. And now they are just fashion pants, fashion that is coming back in style if I do say so myself.

I must admit, I’ve owned two pairs of these, they are quite comfortable, and I felt cool rocking them.

Now we know Harbaugh digs Zubaz too, he’s not just about the khakis.