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NFL Draft analyst compares Jabrill Peppers to star pro

Who did Lance Zierlein compare Jabrill Peppers to?

Jabrill Peppers - 2015 Youth Day - Bryan Fuller

NFL Draft analyst Lance Zeirlein thinks highly of Jabrill Peppers, highlighting his strengths and giving an NFL comparison in a recent article.

The comparison? The Honey Badger.

The comparison has its merit, while also its flaws. Mathieu is only 5’9”, Peppers is 6’1”. Zeirlein’s critique also states Peppers lacks a big play resume, Peppers makes plenty of big plays in all phases of football. When it comes to the merit of the comparison, both players have been utilized at multiple positions on defense and have been big time contributors on special teams. Both are also aggressive defenders who fly to the ball and finish with a sure tackle most of the time.

While it’s fun to compare, I’d go so far as to say Patrick Peterson is a better comparison. And then there’s always the Charles Woodson comparison, which I also find to have more merit.

Zeirlein went on to highlight strengths and weaknesses of Peppers, calling him an excellent blitzer that can play man coverage in the slot while also having the range and speed to play safety. His weaknesses according to Zeirlein are needing to bulk up more and improving his tackling technique.

All in good fun, what would your NFL comparison to Jabrill Peppers be?