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September 3rd Hangout Thread

And the livin’ is easy.

NCAA Football: Hawaii at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was fun. Chris Evans is spectacular, Michigan’s defense is a murderer’s row, and Hawaii was only able to put up a little bit of a fight.

NCAA Football: Hawaii at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, here are some grades.

Quarterback: A. Three guys are able to take the position and do it well.

Running back: A+. 7.9 yards a carry on the game. Isaac, Evans, De’Veon, and more. This group is scary.

Wide receiver: A. This group got deep. Jehu and Amara are veteran, fast, play-making maestros, and it’s not even clear how much depth we have behind them. Mo Ways had a catch. Grant Perry had a catch. So did Kekoa Crawford, Eddie McDooooom, tight ends Jake Butt and Sean McKeon, and fullbacks Michael Hirsch, Khalid Hill, and Henry Poggi.

Oh, whoops: tight ends and fullbacks get to share that A. But we didn’t need them that much.

Offensive line: C+. The pass pro is great, as great as it was last year. The run game needs some work, especially since Hawaii is not a world-beater on the line. But these guys are young, and they’re going to improve. This might be a bit of a flashback of last year, actually, except the faces and depth are more encouraging.

Defensive line: B+. This is maybe a little bit harsh, since depth took a bit of a hit this week. Bryan Mone didn’t play, and Taco got taken out about halfway through with a hopefully not serious injury. Rashan Gary was obviously still finding his comfort zone.

Linebackers: NC. I confess I didn’t get a close look at the linebackers, but McCray made some excellent plays and had two sacks. I’ll be curious to get a second look at this group later on.

Secondary: A. There were a few busts, but Delano was great, and the corners knocked it out of the park. This was beautiful.

Alright, that’s enough words. Enjoy the games, everybody.