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Hawaii vs Michigan: Wilton Speight Press Conference Highlights

We take a look at Wilton Speight’s press conference comments

Hawaii v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Wilton Speight had his first press conference as the starting quarterback for Michigan. After throwing an interception on the first offensive play, Speight settled in, finishing the day 10-13, for 145, 3 touchdowns, and the one interception.

Maize N Brew was on hand for Speight’s press-conference, here are some of the highlights:

Harbaugh’s reaction to Speight’s interception

“(After the interception) I was kind of rolling running to our sideline anyways and my momentum kind of carried me right into coach and he just grabbed me and hugged me, and was kind of laughing. And was like “Don’t worry about this drive, don’t even sweat about that. And I was able to do that.”

“I knew he was going to be cool about it, but he was just really happy, and a big smile on his face, which gave me more confidence.”

When he found out he was the starting quarterback

“I finished spring ball last year on top, and was told going into camp and I would start there and it was my job to lose. So I made sure to stay there and I didn’t really worry about him naming me the starter, or what day or anything like that.”

Balance of running game

“Anytime a quarterback has a run threat it helps the passing game a lot. To have that balance and guys like Jehu, Amara, Jake Butt, Mo Ways, Drake Harris, the list could go on. Weapons after weapons. It makes my job a lot easier.”

Momentum of 98 yard drive

“Starting that deep it’s an opportunity to march down the whole field. That’s what we were able to do. I was able to complete a few passes. The offensive line were holding their blocks really well, and the running game was outstanding.”

Michael Jordan

“He was really just a chill cool dude, he wasn’t like “Oh, I’m Michael Jordan.” We put up his highlight tape, or one of many of his highlight tapes and he was just laughing the whole time, kind of ducking his head, a little bit embarrassed. It was a really cool experience just to have the ultimate competitor in any sport just kind of being one of the guys in the room.”

“He has so much pride for what he’s done in his life, to have a brand, the Jordan brand, it represents a lot, to carry that weight. Basically he was saying it’s our job to keep the Michigan brand and the Jordan brand kind of up there on the same level. And he said he went with us because he knew we would do that and now it’s our job to kind of back it up.”