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Would You Like To Write For Maize ‘n’ Brew?

Dustin Johnson / @DJPhotoVideo

Hello! My name’s Nick. I’m a dude who started writing for Maize ‘n’ Brew a couple years ago, and now I’m a millionaire who has a villa in the south of France.* What can you take away from such success? That you should start writing for Maize ‘n’ Brew, obviously.

Here at Maize ‘n’ Brew, we’re looking for people with a fresh perspective and a well-developed sense of what they bring to the table. Sports writing has a funny way of letting you carve out your own niche, so long as you have something original to share.

We’d like good writers, but that isn’t the only skill that’s helpful to have; other, bothersome things like a good work ethic, timing, personality, comfort with HTML (NOT necessary, though, I assure you - I’m just hoping), and a love of the game (...for football, presumably) are also important for your success and ours.

If you have something new that you want to try, that’s awesome; don’t be afraid of failure. We’re a family here, and we will help you solidify your vision and make it work on our platform.

Any questions about this? Want to submit an application? Write an e-mail to (that’s me) or (that’s Anthony) to get started. We’d like to see an example of your writing, as well as a few words on why you think you have what it takes. For the writing sample, a breakdown of the Michigan-Hawaii game would be perfect.


*The villa part might not be true.