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Michigan Wolverines Ranked Second-Best Stadium Experience in the Big Ten

“Mention the term ‘The Big House’ and just about anyone who has ever watched a college football game will know the reference.”

Hawaii v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images has attempted to solve one of the age-old questions Big Ten fans love to debate: Who has the best stadium in the conference?

While the conference has ballooned to 14 teams in recent seasons, most objective observers agree the top two spots belong to the Michigan Wolverines and Ohio State Buckeyes. Unfortunately for UM fans, Scout gives the nod to the team from Columbus:

Opened in 1922, The Horseshoe has hosted generations of Buckeye fans and continues to evolve and expand to keep the beloved venue modern. Ohio Stadium has a capacity just under 105,000, and led all of college football in average attendance in 2014.

The site says its ratings take into account food and beverage, overall atmosphere, the neighborhood around the stadium, fans, access (traffic, parking, restrooms, etc.), overall return on investment and any extras or special features.

Here’s what Scout had to say about Michigan Stadium:

Mention the term "The Big House" and just about anyone who has ever watched a college football game will know the reference. The third largest stadium in the world and the largest stadium in the United States, Michigan Stadium was constructed in 1927 at the insistence of legendary Michigan coach Fielding Yost. It originally seated 72,000, but was quickly updated to seat over 85,000. Renovations over the years have gradually boosted capacity until 2010 when it reached 109,901, its current capacity.

So it must have been close, and maybe another trip can put the Big House back on top.

The rest of the rankings are as follows:

3. Nebraska

4. Michigan State

5. Wisconsin

6. Minnesota

7. Penn State

8. Iowa

9. Indiana

10. Illinois

11. Rutgers

12. Northwestern

13. Purdue

14. Maryland