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Fan Poll: What's the biggest reason you're a fan?

Where did it all begin for you?

Capitol One Orange Bowl - Florida State v Michigan Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

I would like to take this opportunity and quickly introduce myself. I joined the team as a Staff Writer early this month and the news about the opportunity was a fantastic way to start 2017. I look forward to the future fan interactions and if you have a comment or suggestion, please share them.

Here's my quick story in two sentences. I’m a Michigan native and spent many fall Saturdays at The Big House, then attended Xavier University on a golf scholarship where I also met my beautiful wife. We live in the bluegrass state where I've successfully converted some of my in-laws to be maize and blue fans. The end.

From time-to-time, we will be doing poll questions to interact with the fan base. So here it goes:

Question: What's the biggest reason you're a Michigan fan?

Everyone has a reason and story behind why they’re are a fan. My reason, similar to many who voted, is very simple and it's because of how I was raised. My grandfather became a season ticket holder in 1969 after his father had tickets in the early 1950’s. He started taking me in the early 1990’s and we parked every game day in the same backyard off Berkley Avenue.

I attended many games through that decade and spending fall Saturday’s in The Big House is where some of my favorite memories were made growing up as a kid in Michigan. My father was a Norte Dame grad and fan, but never pushed hard for me to become an Irish fan, because he knew it would never happen. My passion grew over time and continued after leaving for school in yes, Ohio, where I was the minority as a Michigan fan among my college buddies. Anytime I get back to the mitten for a game or to see family, the worst part is having to drive through Ohio.

Poll Results

Thank you to all reading this who voted on the Twitter poll and I enjoyed reading all the great responses. While this may be a harder question for some to answer, here are the final results.

Below are a few of my favorites.

Like my wife and many others, she became a fan by marriage. We've gone to a few games and I remember taking her by Michigan Stadium when we started dating to make a stop in the M Den for some gear before the 2005 Rose Bowl game.

Others turn fans the minute they enter this world. The new parents buy the gear, watch the games together, attend games, teach the traditions and sing the marching band songs.

For others, it’s because of a relationship in their life or other influential reasons they decide to cheer for the maize and blue, like we saw in the responses to my poll.

The several living generations that cheer for Michigan started out one day a fan, somehow, someway. Anytime I meet people who support the team, it’s always interesting to hear how they became a Michigan fan and the story behind the decision to join one of the best fanbases in all of sports.