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Kurt Taylor Jr. Is Soaking Up the Hawaiian Culture During Polynesian Bowl Week

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We caught up with the Michigan commit during his trip to Hawaii.

Photo Credit The Taylor Family

Kurt Taylor Jr. traveled over 4,500 miles from Georgia to participate in the inagural Polynesian Bowl and is loving the Hawaii local culture that means alot to his family. This is his second trip to the Hawaiian islands where his father attended college to play basketball as a guard from 1992-1993 for The University of Hawaii.

The local media knows his father from his playing years in the 1990’s and this opportunity to travel for the Polynesian Bowl has given his son a better appreciation of why Hawaii means so much to his father.

Kurt shared his excitement earlier this week with a picture of his father.

The local television station, KHON2, caught up with Kurt earlier this week. The interview can be found on their article posted on Twitter.

His father was interviewed by Marin Foster with AM Sports this past Monday during the Draft Party. He explained what Hawaii means to him and how it helped develop his work ethic of “hardwork is undefeated” that has now contributed to his sons achievements on and off the football field. He explained how his sons work ethic started at a young age around seven and how he helped him to teach him that if you work hard good things will happen. He said, “For him to be committed to Michigan since last year as a junior, its a testament of his work ethic and I'm so proud of him.”

Q&A With Kurt

I was able to catch up with Kurt for a Q&A to hear more about his experience so far this week.

1. What's the experience been like there with the other players? Who have you been able to hang out with and who are you rooming with?

“It has been a great experience sharing with the locals players and the players from the different states. Nico Collins and I are roommates in the and we have been hanging out everyday.”

2. Has it been hard to get acclimated to the time change?

“The first day was a little tiring but my body gotten acclimated to the time change.”

3. What's been the biggest surprise to you about this week so far?

“The people here are beautiful and nice. The respect and the scenery Hawaii has is amazing.”

4. Have you been able to spend time with your dad and have him take you around his old stomping grounds when he attended Hawaii?

“We are planning to attend a basketball game and visit his college campus.”

5. Being the only Michigan commit on team Mariota, have you been able to spend time with the other four Michigan recruits on team Stanley?

“We all are having a great time. The fellowship and the players are all amazing.”

6. Have you met anyone else that knew your father as a basketball player at Hawaii and hear any good stories about him?

“I did tons of interviews with my dad, with the locals news, and news reporters. They all talk about his work ethic and toughness he possessed as a player at UH. The most important thing he preached to me about respect and having good character was all the people were talking about when they referenced about my dad. I see why he always told me ‘Hard Work is Undefeated’ because they still talk about his work ethic 20 years later.”

This amazing opportunity for Kurt not only gives him the opportunity to participate in the Polynesian Bowl events and game with future Michigan teammates, but it allows his father to know his approach to sports and life has paid off for his son. The Polynesian Bowl will be live on ESPN this Saturday at 6pm HST.