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Report: Najee Harris will not announce commitment, will just show up at school

It’s between Michigan and Alabama for 2017’s top recruit

Student Sports

According to Brandon Justice of, 2017 5-star running back, and the top player in the class, Najee Harris will not be announcing where he will be going to school. Instead, he will just fly to the school after the U.S. Army All-American Bowl on Jan. 7 and begin his collegiate career.

Buckle up, indeed. With all the live TV commitments and highly produced commitment videos, it seems like Harris wants to go in a unique, but non-flashy way of his own. I, for one, love this. It’s exciting, but in an anticipatory kind of way. Good for him.

Along with this news, it also appears that Najee’s brother, Malachi Harris, wants his brother to attend the University of Michigan.

We will see in just four days whether or not Malachi, and U-M fans everywhere, will get their wish of landing the top recruit of the 2017 class.