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Report: Najee Harris to be on same flight as Alabama commit after Army Bowl

Rumors continue to swirl about the nation’s No. 1 recruit

Student Sports

Chris Kirschner of has reported that Najee Harris, the nation’s No. 1 recruit for the 2017 class, will be heading to Alabama on the same flight as another Crimson Tide commit, Tua Tagovailoa.

Tagovailoa told the website earlier in the week he thought Harris would attend Alabama when it was all said and done, but he then told that he and Harris are on the same flight to Birmingham on Sunday.

Harris’ college decision has come down to Michigan and Alabama, but he said yesterday he would leave the Army Bowl and just fly to the school he will be attending for the next three or four years. No commitment announcement, no video, no nothing. Just anticipation.

This report seems a bit fishy to me. If Harris were true to his commitment of Alabama, why wouldn’t he just say he’s still going there? Michigan has crept in the conversation within the last few months and it seems Harris’ mom and brother like the opportunity for him to go to Michigan. This tells me Harris is truly thinking about what he wants to do and wants to ensure he makes the right decision. He may still not have his mind made up.

This is all smoke and mirrors. Seeing is believing, and once we see where he flies to on Sunday, I will believe it. Until then, consider reports like these noise.