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If you were an elite recruit, how would you announce?

We asked and you delivered.

Jabrill Peppers announce helmet HD

High school football recruits around the country make a huge decision each year and announce which college they will attend. This exciting announcement gives kids the opportunity to use their creativity through technology and social media platforms to let the world know. Most recent, we've seen announcement videos released, some posts a message directly on social media, pep rally events at high schools and even live television announcements on ESPN. This has evolved with the popularity and number of groups following recruiting closely. It becomes bigger and bigger each year with drama filled stories and over the top announcement, which some find ridiculous.

Recent Michigan Recruit Announcements

The most recent recruit for Michigan, Cesar Ruiz, released a video on December 19. Below was his official announcement posted directly on Twitter. No school event at IMG Academy where he's currently attending, just the video.

Tarik Black also used a video but had a school event with several others announcing on December 14. After some technical difficulties and a short delay, the video was played successfully and he also posted it on Twitter.

Some of the highest rated recruits over the last few years have announced live on ESPN, either during an All-American game or on a show covering recruiting. Rashan Gary did this last year on the morning of National Signing Day. Donovan Peoples-Jones recently announced live on ESPN last month and also posted his announcement on Twitter.

We even saw Jabrill Peppers in May of 2013 make his school announcement on ESPN through a freestyle and is one we will never forget.

How would you announce your decision?

I put this question on Twitter and below are my final poll results. Go check the tweet and read some of the great responses from fans.

I remember calling my golf coach in 2001 as a senior in Michigan and verbally telling him my decision, then sent in my signed letter of intent. Yes I know, golf recruits are not all the hype like football players and a lot has changed since then with recruiting and college athletics.

While you may or may not agree with the hype and over the top announcements, this is their time to be creative and have fun. Some love all the attention knowing their every move is being analyzed until they announce their decision. If they are given the opportunity of playing in the NFL, this is the last time they can make this kind of playing decision in their career. The final personal decision for professional athletes is when to call it quits and retire.

With an ongoing popularity in social media, kids will continue using it to announce in a variety of wacky ways.