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Quick Analysis: What Chuck Filiaga Brings To Michigan

Student Sports

Strengths: Tremendous strength and size, active feet and hands, good hustle, pretty good flexibility and pad level for a guy as big as he is.

Weaknesses: Not tremendously fast, not an elite pass blocker.


As I’m sure all of you know, Michigan needed this commitment pretty badly. The depth at tackle right now is far from impressive, and Filiaga is one of the few college-ready tackle prospects out there. He’ll probably fit in at right tackle, where I feel like he’ll be a solid (and hopefully boring) part of the starting rotation next year.

Looking further down the road, I see Filiaga turning into a possible All-American-type player - Jim Harbaugh’s Stanford teams were built on guys like Filiaga, and he’ll be a huge asset in re-establishing the run game for Michigan - both next year, and especially in 2018 and beyond.

Player that he could turn into: I went back to Harbaugh’s Stanford days to make this pick. Chuck Filiaga could be a lot like Jonathan Martin, a 2012 second-round selection by the Miami Dolphins. You’ll notice Martin looks a little bit like a guard because of his weight and arm length; he doesn’t have the best feet for a tackle, either, but he’s still good enough to be effective in the pass game and dominant in the run game. Filiaga fits the same mold.

Martin was an All-American in 2010 and 2011 with the Cardinal; however, he only spent four years in the NFL.

By the way, I hope Martin got credit for the touchdown that happened at 1:05 in these highlights.