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‘Play The House’ results: No Peters sighting, but a big day for Higdon

Michigan v Indiana Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Hello! I hope you all had a great weekend. Without further ado:

Before we analyze more of the particulars of Week 6, allow me to jump straight into how this affects the season-long race - because this is getting interesting.

This is increasingly looking like a two-man race:

Despite another remarkably consistent performance from ZtMaizeNBlue, vicdsouza ended up gaining 28 points on him and is now just 28 points out of a first-place tie.

For the rest of you, it’s worth pointing out that we have four more games with the current points structure, but against Wisconsin, Ohio State, and in Michigan’s bowl game it will be possible for all players to LOSE points if they have a bad week. (Up to this point, negative scores on a week-by-week basis haven’t affected season-long standings, only positive scores do that.)

This late-season change might end up hurting - or helping - the people who are already in the lead. But it will offer a chance for some chaos, so if you happen to be sitting a couple hundred back, keep grinding and things might break for you.

Another important but obvious detail - perfect scores always change the look of the season-long race on a weekly basis, so anyone who is able to get a couple of them over the next month will be in good shape to make up ground. So, everyone who’s still playing has a chance to win it, even though ZtMaizeNBlue has been amazing at this game and he’ll be tough to beat. The same goes for vicdsouza, who’s been close behind for several weeks now. Good luck all.

Michigan v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Alright, back to some more details on Week 6: the points total was 734 this week, so a good job by everyone overall against me. A lot of people took Brandon Peters ‘under,’ which netted a combined 650 points for the players. However, this was largely undone by guesses in favor of John O’Korn - I guessed he would get 144 passing yards, Peters another 40, and O’Korn somehow managed to last the whole game while only putting up 58 yards. So he cost the players 500 points total, including an ‘under’ on rushing.

Peoples-Jones continues to attract a lot of guesses, and this week proved to be a good week to bet on him - well, at least in one way. He had five players guess ‘over’ on 0 rushing yards - and he got 0 rushing yards. No harm there, but no points. But he also got 34 receiving yards instead of 15, so there were 50 points for anybody who guessed ‘over’ in the receiving department. Five players did just that.

I also want to give a special shout-out to everyone who guessed ‘over’ on Karan Higdon rushing, given the very special day that Higdon had on Saturday. That would be JTwasshortt, BrewTality, Cavaillès, awatkins, AJK4UM, Shen, and Virginia Blue.

And I also want to give a very special shout-out to therudewind, who rolled the dice three times in the rushing department and came up with a perfect score from his guesses. Very clever to bet on Kareem Walker, gutsy overall and everything fell in place perfectly. Well done.

See you all next week. Don’t be mad, I’m going to be predicting a Penn State victory.