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Victors Valiant Episode 15: Penalties For Days, Keys To Victory Against Penn State

16 penalties seldom results in a W, but Michigan will take it at this point

NCAA Football: Michigan at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

5-1 heading into the Penn State game. If you told me that before the season started I would be moderately happy with that fact.

Now that it is a reality, I’d say I am still moderately happy with the record and how the season has been so far. But that all could change with a huge W this weekend at Penn State.

On this week’s episode of Victors Valiant, Kullen, Andy and myself dissect the Indiana game and what the hell was going on with all the yellow flags flying around last Saturday. We also breakdown the keys to victory against Penn State this weekend and even give a ‘crootin update for a potential commitment this Friday.

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