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Michigan tumbles in the polls after loss

The way the Wolverines lost is probably what’s having the greatest impact

Michigan v Penn State Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Well, we knew it could happen. Michigan’s blowout loss to Penn State has lead to a tumble in the polls.

First, the new S&P+ rankings were released and Michigan fell to No. 27. There are probably a couple things at work here with the S&P+. The offense has continued to underwhelm, the defense had its first bad game of the season and is sure to drop in the rankings, and this was the week that the pre-season projections fell out of the ranking for Michigan. We’ll know more when the full data set is released.

Up next was the Amway Coaches poll. Michigan fell to No. 25, a drop of ten spots from last week’s ranking. With 121 votes, Michigan hung on to the No. 25 spot by a thread. Memphis, the first team out of the rankings, had 119 votes.

Finally came the AP poll, and by now you should be noticing a trend. The Wolverines fell out of the Top-25 entirely. This is the first time that Michigan hasn’t been ranked in the AP Poll this season. The first CFP poll will be released next Tuesday, October 31st.