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Brandon Peters exceeded Jim Harbaugh’s expectations

Harbaugh talks Peters performance against Rutgers

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh was happy with the performance he saw out of quarterback Brandon Peters today. With Michigan and Rutgers tied at 7-7, Harbaugh made the decision to take John O’Korn out of the game, and put Peters in. When asked if Peters exceeded expectations, Harbaugh said yes. It’s easy to exceed expectations when there were few blemishes on his stat line, and most possessions ended with points on the scoreboard. Peters was 10-14 for 124 yards and a touchdown on the day.

Here is a recap of Harbaugh’s comments about Peters at his post-game presser:

  • “From the first time he went in there, feeling the deep zone, feeling the linebackers drop, just taking that extra half second to take a breath and hit the check-down, it was good ball. He was good.”
  • “He’s made big strides. Real good in that area (communication). It was good out there today.”
  • On being more vocal with his cadences: “Late in fall camp, wow he’s a lot louder, he’s really doing the job. That sounds good, that sounds real. He’s been good.”
  • “He was playing good ball. The two minute drill, that’s a real bright spot to go in there.”
  • “He did better than everybody thought.”
  • “Every drive he was moving the team, touchdown drive on the two minute drill, 80 yard drive to start his first series in football.”
  • “It was time to make a bird leave a nest. Time for the kid to go off to college. It was time.”
  • “I feel really good about the way he played. I feel good about him taking the next step and being the starting quarterback.”

Peters will have every opportunity to seize the starting quarterback job in the next week of practices leading up to next weeks tilt at home against Minnesota. The question now is, how good can Brandon Peters get? He showed his potential today, it will be interesting to see how high of a ceiling Peters has.