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Saturday night is almost here and this video will get you hyped up

We are so close and everyone can feel it, especially after watching this.

Michigan v Michigan State Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

It’s Michigan vs. Michigan State. Go Blue vs. Go Green/Go White.

It’s an in-state rivalry filled with gut-wrenching moments of defeat and sweet memories of victory.

In the state of Michigan, it’s one of those fall Saturday’s you circle when the schedule is announced. It can become one of your favorite games of the year or toughest to endure because of what happens next. The next 364 days for one fan base gives the other bragging rights until that day comes around again. If you grew up in Michigan as a fan like I did, it’s a rivalry that can separate your friends, co-workers, and even family, with a deep passion for seeing the other team go down in defeat, and your team proudly taking the Paul Bunyan Trophy until they meet again.

Luke D’Mello is at it again for another hype video to get everyone jacked up. Enjoy!