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‘Play The House’ results: Michigan’s passing woes continue

Michigan State v Michigan Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Well, that was a crappy weekend. Perhaps fittingly, nobody got a perfect score this week. Actually, one player got a perfect score this week - hats off to Hockey Town, who went against the grain of popular picks by betting under on Khalid Hill rushing yards, under on Brandon Peters and over on DPJ rushing:

Well done to all the players, but there is certainly a trend at this point as to who has the best angle against me. Well done, all.

Collectively, the score this week was 331 in favor of the players. The two best bets were in favor of MSU’s run offense (I guessed they would get 32; they got 158) and against Brandon Peters’ passing line (I guessed 8 yards; he got 0). They produced 450 and 500 points for the players, respectively.

However, a lot of players threw their hats in the ring for productive days by Donovan Peoples-Jones and Kekoa Crawford in the receiving department - however both came up without a catch. (One very clever player guessed ‘under’ on DPJ.) Zach Gentry and Nick Eubanks also went without a catch, but they only earned a few guesses - and the guesses for Eubanks proved fruitful for anyone who rolled the dice on him. The points for those four were -750, -300, -200, and 150, respectively.

And then there was John O’Korn, who mainly got guesses in the rushing department. He ended up with -9 rushing yards against a guess that he would get -6, and a lot of people took the ‘over.’ That resulted in -650 points, a boon for the House.

Here are the season-long standings:

Alright. See you all this Friday, and good luck to the team to rebound this week. Hopefully the Indiana game is a better experience across the board.