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‘Play The House’ results: Tough loss, a new #3

NCAA Football: Michigan at Wisconsin Rick Wood-USA TODAY Sports

Hello all! First, I must start with an overdue shout-out from last week: therudewind had a perfect score last week (my bad), meaning it has still been since opening week since no one has managed the feat. Well done to him.

Alright, to this week:

Shout-outs also go to JTwasshortt and SaskMnB - JTwasshortt has been storming up the leader board over the last few weeks and is now in #3, though I was also rather giddy about the ballsiness and savvy by SaskMnB to take Poggi ‘under’ at 2 yards. Well done, guys.

A lot of people did well this week overall, carving up my guesses for a higher-scoring game and a big day by Ty Isaac in particular. However, a lot of those were only paying out 25-35 points, which capped an otherwise watershed day at 1,717 points for all the players.

Here are the season-long standings, and there’s a familiar face in the lead:

vicdsouza continues to average 100 points an outing (and congrats to him on crossing 1,000), but good job by everybody in the first week of no-holds-barred by continuing to make bold guesses, even if they didn’t work.

Alright, I’ll see you all next week, and happy holidays.