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Jim Harbaugh week 12 Monday presser recap: Ohio State, Peters, and more

The Big Game looms

NCAA Football: Michigan at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh had his press conference a short time ago and was asked about Ohio State and Brandon Peters, among other things. It sounds like Peters is a few days off from practicing, so his status for Ohio State is very much in the air at the moment.

Monday Press Conference Recap

  • Sent out prayers to Terry Glenn’s family, who died in a car crash earlier today. Glenn was an Ohio State receiver and had success for the New England Patriots.
  • Wilton Speight will be evaluated to be cleared for contact, he hasn’t yet.
  • “John (O’Korn) has remained diligent every single week”
  • Ohio State is “a very talented team, well coached” “really strong, physical football team” “tackle well, play really good up front” “cant say enough good things”
  • “Very impressed with Chris (Evans) in his commitment to coaching”, Evans has been coaching kids in flag football all season
  • Harbaugh’s first time at a Michigan-Ohio State game was in 1973, a 10-10, he knew then how big the rivalry was. The first time he played in the game he really understood the rivalry.
  • Brandon Peters could practice as early as Wednesday or Thursday, but he has to go through the entire protocol and the doctors and neurologists will have to clear him before he gets to that point.
  • “I really like our team, I love the way they work, I love the way they compete”
  • “I feel like our team has improved each week, its already shown they can play at the level with anyone in the country”
  • “Mike (McCray) has been a true captain, true leader”
  • Lavert Hill is cleared for this week
  • “I thought Brandon played very well” “hope to have Brandon back quick” “we want to protect him”