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Chase Winovich Dying Hair for ChadTough Foundation

In support of the ChadTough Foundation, Chase Winovich will dye his hair for the Outback Bowl

Michigan Signing of the Stars Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

In Sept. 2014, Chad Carr was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer found in youths known as DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). It’s hard to believe that it’s been over two years since he passed away from that terrible disease.

Out of the pain and turmoil the Carr family experienced emerged a new foundation that would continue to fight against the deadly and egregious form of cancer that would bear the name of the soul that it took: The ChadTough Foundation.

Since it’s founding, The ChadTough Foundation has led the fight against DIPG and continues searching for a cure. To the Michigan family, and Wolverine players, though, this foundation is something near and dear to their hearts and that’s why they continue to raise awareness against this disease and in support of the foundation. That’s no different with Michigan defensive end Chase Winovich.

In an effort to raise $15,000, Chase vowed to dye his hair orange (to support ChadTough’s orange logo) and to sport his new hair flow in the Outback Bowl.

Well, that total has been reached and then some.

Now fellow man in the maize and blue Mo Hurst has joined the cause and is vowing to dye his hair if $73,000 is raised, after his number 73 of course.

With Chase Winovich set to announce his decision on whether he will return to Michigan for a fifth year or declare for the NFL, it would be fitting for what might be Chase’s last game at Michigan to be sent out with a victory, and a sweet hairdo. At the very least, how great would it be to see some belly rubs from Mo sporting the bright orange in his farewell game?!

Please visit the link below and help fight the cause that has ailed too many families and taken too many precious lives from this earth by donating to the fundraising campaign that Chase and Mo are spearheading.