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Play The House: Michigan will get its ninth win against South Carolina

NCAA Football: Michigan at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Hello! I hope everyone reading this has had an enjoyable, or at least peaceful, or if not enjoyable or peaceful, mildly vengeful, holiday season. Since we’ve been away from this for a little while, here’s a recap of this year’s season standings:

This is like one of those episodes of Jeopardy where the person in second place heading into final is just barely within reach of a win, unless the person who’s in the lead gets a positive amount of any kind. (It’s still too early for a joke about JTwasshortt doing a very, very good J.T. impression, but we’re close.)

Technically, six people are still in the running to win the season-long points race: ZtMaizeNBlue, Mr. Consistency who led most of the year, vicdsouza, who was hot on his tail and then overtook him down the stretch, EZGoBluePrague, who was often stuck in third place and exasperated over how well the two leaders were doing, JTwasshortt, who was in 11th place after Week 7 but went on an absolute tear in the last five games (56.6 ppw through Week 7, 137.4 since), Hockey Town, who has lived and died with a lot of very clever all-or-nothing wagers, and therudewind, who has also been gutsier than most in betting on low totals with a small margin between success and failure. (R.W. also got kind of screwed by betting ‘over’ on ‘Kareem Walker 0 rushing yards’ against Wisconsin, a game where Walker got -4. That was a 100-point swing that could have put him in second place.)

So, we’ll see how everything turns out after Week 13; regardless, it’s been a lot of fun doing this with all of you, and we’ll certainly go at it again next year. (I’ll try to be a more challenging and tricky House, so fair warning on that.)

Here are the numbers this week:

Michigan Wolverines: Pass Offense

Brandon Peters: 227 passing yards

Donovan Peoples-Jones: 67 receiving yards

Zach Gentry: 51 receiving yards

Sean McKeon: 36 receiving yards

Kekoa Crawford: 24 receiving yards

Grant Perry: 18 receiving yards

Chris Evans: 16 receiving yards

Nico Collins: 15 receiving yards

Notable zeroes: John O’Korn, Karan Higdon, Ty Isaac, Nick Eubanks, Ty Wheatley, Ian Bunting, Nate Schoenle, Maurice Ways, Oliver Martin, & Drake Harris

Michigan Wolverines: Run Offense

Karan Higdon: 85 rushing yards

Ty Isaac: 62 rushing yards

Chris Evans: 34 rushing yards

Kareem Walker: 19 rushing yards

Khalid Hill: 2 rushing yards

Brandon Peters: -6 rushing yards

Notable zeroes: Eddie McDoom, DPJ, Henry Poggi, O’Maury Samuels & Ben Mason

Score & totals

Michigan pass offense: 227 passing yards

Michigan run offense: 196 rushing yards

Michigan total offense: 423 total yards

South Carolina pass offense: 109 passing yards

South Carolina run offense: 87 rushing yards

South Carolina total offense: 196 total yards

Michigan: 37 points

South Carolina: 6 points

Remember: please include your username in with your three guesses. For the rules, click here. Thanks, and good luck and happy holidays.