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Jim Harbaugh responds to Mark Dantonio’s jab at Michigan

No love lost between Harbaugh and Dantonio

NCAA Football: Michigan at Michigan State Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It isn’t rivalry week between the Michigan Wolverines and Michigan State Spartans, but don’t tell that to Mark Dantonio.

At his Holiday Bowl press conference, Dantonio was asked if he felt slighted that Michigan is in the Outback Bowl when the Spartans had a better record. Dantonio’s response?

It’s a bid odd for any coach to be focused on beating a team they won’t play until next season, but that’s Dantonio’s focus even when there’s a bowl game to be played.

Jim Harbaugh heard about the comments and responded on Twitter.

I’ll let you decide if that was a sick burn by Coach Harbaugh or not. One thing is for sure, these two men are rivals and would really like their team to beat the other’s ass in 2018. Stay tuned.