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Question and Prediction: Outback Bowl Edition

A new feature on MnB to get you ready for bowl season

Ohio State v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It's early December and college football fans are getting ready to see their team in action one final time before the offseason.

Well, most fans, I should say.

Other fans, *cough* Michigan State fans *cough* are complaining about their bowl destination since they were announced. Outback Steakhouse may see less green and white in their restaurants because some Spartans fans that don’t agree with the bowl’s selection decided to #BoycottOutback.

I guess that leaves more bloomin’ onion for us, huh mate?

What’s exciting after the bowl season?

After the bowl season winds down, fans are forced to find something else until August to feed their college football appetite. The diehards look next to National Signing Day when players commit to their school. March Madness is fun and exciting if you like college basketball, especially if Michigan makes a deep run. Spring games give us hope the season is close; then summer arrives with the long days and months that seem like an eternity. Enjoy the bowl season while you can before we have to start looking forward to next season.

Q & P with Noe: Outback Bowl Edition

Now that Michigan is slated to play South Carolina in the 2018 Outback Bowl, I thought it would be a good time to play the do a short "Question & Prediction" and yes, my last name is confusing, but pronounced like Joey, except with an ‘n’. I came up with a few questions and answer them with a prediction. If you like this and want more Q&P editions, leave some feedback in the comments section. Here we go!

Q: Will they play the Clowney hit more than 10 times during the game?

P: Probably around 87 times, and it may be a fun drinking game for anyone over 21.

Q: Will Karan Higdon rush for 71 yards or more to get over 1,000 total rushing yards on the season?

P: I am going to say yes, and predict a 100-plus yard day with a touchdown.

Q: Will Brandon Peters throw for a touchdown?

P: Yes, I say one touchdown to Gentry.

Q: South Carolina is averaging 24.08 points per game. Does Michigan hold them to less than that?

P: Hail yes, they keep them under 20 points and win by more than seven points.

Q: Will Michigan State fans ever eat at Outback?

P: Yes, when it's the bloomin’ onion, as Coach D says, “it's never over, it'll never be over.” They are not over Outback and will be back, mate.

Bonus Question

Q: Will Jim Harbaugh win the off season?

A: No, just joking. He will with his Twitter banter and podcast, even with the amount of coaching searches going on. He has sort of toned it down on the sideline this past season as well, but just wait until they go on spring break abroad next year. Michigan fans love it or hate it, but all can agree they want 2018 to start with wins over South Carolina and at Notre Dame to start the season. They want results on the field and big wins with a game played in Indianapolis.

What happens in between those games is up for debate.

Enjoy the holiday and bowl season.