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WATCH: Harbaugh doesn’t want Dantonio talking about Michigan

The Outback Bowl has brought us this.

Michigan v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Earlier this week Mark Dantonio made it known at his Holiday Bowl press conference he was not happy that the Michigan Wolverines were selected to play in the Outback Bowl instead of his Michigan State Spartans.

“The records are what they are. I’ll just continue to focus on beating Michigan.” Dantonio said.

Jim Harbaugh didn’t care for the comment and responded on Twitter.

Today was Harbaugh’s day to be in front of a podium and formally accept Outback Bowl’s invitation. Harbaugh was asked about Dantonio’s comment.

“I didn’t understand how he dragged us into his frustration of what bowl game he went to. I just prefer he didn’t talk about us.” When asked if it’s healthy to have fun, Harbaugh sarcastically agreed.

You can watch the full video below:

After Harbaugh’s tweet on Monday, Dantonio subtweeted, saying “It’s not over.”

From Harbaugh’s point of view I’m sure he doesn’t feel it is over, and he’ll definitely remember this back and forth the week the Wolverines and Spartans play each other in 2018.

For now though, it’s over. Harbaugh has a game to prepare his team for and he isn’t going to be thinking about beating Michigan State anytime soon. Dantonio should have the same mindset.