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Michigan State 4 - Michigan 1

The Wolverines are thumped at home

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Yesterday in Detroit, the Wolverines had to overcome a slow start against Michigan State before coming back to salvage a tie. Tonight they started just as slow, however, there wasn’t going to be a comeback or anything that resembled one in this game.

Michigan never got started off on the right foot. After the Spartans scored their first goal everything went from bad to worse, to downright horrible when Nick Boka fell on freshman goaltender Jack LaFontaine and he had to leave the game with an injury.

The Spartans won every loose puck and every board battle from the opening puck drop; they pressured and forced turnovers until an awful giveaway in the defensive zone gave Michigan State their second goal. A small sliver of hope appeared at the end of the period when the Wolverines were given a power play chance but the Spartans responded with a shorthanded breakaway goal with 50 seconds left in the period. They were given another power play to open the third period and the Spartans again responded with a shorthanded goal 55 seconds into the period to make it 4-0.

This team just doesn’t have it. They make the same mistakes every game; the defensive zone lapses keep coming, they’re plagued by the same possession problems and the way they play never changes. It’s a shame because no one wanted to see Red go out like this.