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Jim Harbaugh Drops Mic Calling Out ‘Pete’ Finebaum On Twitter

Scorched. Earth.

Michigan v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Jim Harbaugh has produced some amazing tweets, but his latest may be one of his finest yet.

This time he calls out SEC Network’s Paul Finebaum, one that is the most vocal about his opinions about Jim Harbaugh. He frequently brings up what he's doing is unethical in his tactics with recruiting, spring break trips and the latest about hiring the father of an elite 2019 pro-style quarterback.

Paul and the SEC seems to fuel the NCAA to quickly establish rules like we have seen with satellite camps and spring break.

He finally responded.

Jim Harbaugh responds after being called an “evil genius” this week by Paul. Full video below with John Bacon.

The SEC Network quickly responds to him with this GIF.

This may not amount to much between the two, but this will likely bring higher ratings for Paul’s show on ESPN for the next few days.