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Scouting Report: 5* WR Amon-Ra St. Brown

A top target from California could bring a lot of finesse to Michigan’s passing game.

Strengths: Fast and quick, elite play-making, change of direction, great hands, tough competitor who sacrifices his body, plenty of football smarts, good balance, and polished route-runner.

Weaknesses: Has ‘slot height,’ though he could still succeed outside.

Ever wondered what a souped-up Oliver Martin would look like? Well, look no further than Amon-Ra St. Brown, who you may recognize as the little brother of Notre Dame receiver Equanimeous St. Brown.

Before you write this one off, though, hear this: the middle brother, Osiris, could have chosen Notre Dame to play with his older brother but did not, picking Stanford instead while citing a “40-year decision” of academics and great university experience.

So the St. Brown brothers aren’t just great prospects, or academically minded students, but they’re also not afraid to go against the grain.


Amon-Ra is a very exciting prospect, and even though Michigan has a long way to go against many other great academic/football programs, they have the advantage of focusing in on fewer prospects and putting in more energy in what should be a much smaller 2018 cycle - and for a player who’s clearly not afraid of a good challenge or beating out incumbent starters.

He would be an instant-impact kind of player, although I’ll be curious to see how he can handle hand-checking on the line against college corners (even though different formations can minimize hand-checking on a receiver). He could take on an Eddie McDoom role or work from the slot, alternating between formation shifts and deep go routes for touchdowns.

Put simply, Amon-Ra is a dynamic guy who’d be a great find for any university.

Player that he could turn into: I said this already, but he reminds me a lot of Oliver Martin. If I had to go with an older comparison, I would say he’s a bigger version of Indiana’s Shane Wynn. Wynn was a more traditional slot guy (who might not be as fast as St. Brown, either), but he has the same kind of smoothness, catching ability, and flexibility in his route tree.