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Tuesday Morning Brews: Weekend Warriors

NCAA Football: Penn State at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Hello! I’m filling in for James today, and maybe Thursday as well. On today’s Brews: Speight and the new receivers, Michigan’s D-line turnover and women’s basketball in the WNIT Final Four.

Hitting the Links Is Serious About Cereal

Early-enrollee numbers revealed: DPJ gets Grant Perry’s #9

I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys can do. Cesar Ruiz, who’s a popular choice to nab a starting spot, has #51.

The spring game, by the way, will be happening at 1:00 PM on April 15th - immediately following men’s lacrosse as they take on Ohio State at 10:30.

Wilton Speight talks new receivers, leadership and ‘complacency’

I think Speight brought a certain leadership to the team last year, and I’m looking for that again as Michigan breaks in a lot of new starters. We’ll see what Peters (and O’Korn) have in the tank, but this is Speight’s job to lose.

Michigan has high hopes for new defensive line

The depth will be key, although having elite play-makers like Hurst and Gary will ensure that the position doesn’t fall too far. Hopefully one of the freshmen (Solomon, maybe?) is ready to disengage from some college guards or at least anchor the run defense in a pinch.

Look ahead for UM hoops: Lots of optimism for 2017-18

Hey, by the way, shout-out to Duncan Robinson’s defense over the last few weeks. He’s had an amazing turnaround after taking some flak for, um, being a sieve defensively. Now I’d say he’s genuinely good.

Oh, and Charles Matthews, a transfer who wasn’t eligible to play this year, could give this team some extra grit going forward. He’s a really long guard who’s active around the rim (#4 in the highlights).

Women’s basketball makes the WNIT, will face Villanova

This marks the third straight WNIT Final Four for Kim Barnes Arico. Best wishes to freshman phenom Kysre Gondrezick (it’s pronounced ‘Kizer Gon-dreh-zick’) who’s on indefinite leave for personal reasons.

Jim Harbaugh follows up with Politico, says generic things

Politics alert! Harbaugh spoke to Politico about funding for the Legal Services Corp, which helps the poor get legal aid. The article goes into more detail of some famous instances of football coaches getting involved with politics, and Harbaugh himself speaks out in favor of - hold onto your pants - America and justice. Delicate stuff.