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Throwback Thursday: Some Of Michigan’s Sack Legends

A montage of Michigan’s dominance in the trenches.

Bill Burke #16

While digging around for some Mike McCray highlights yesterday, I stumbled upon this recently published look at some memorable sacks in Michigan’s history:

There are a lot of really good moments in there. There’s a great stretch starting at 0:54, a forgettable couple minutes starting at 4:07, and then a really good stretch after that. After a bit of a lull through much of the 8- and 9-minute mark, there’s a rare safety sack at 10:18. The last few minutes, again, are something you can skip.

If you watch the whole thing you’ll hear names like Chris Hutchinson, Alan Branch, Brandon Graham, LaMarr Woodley, Mike Martin, and Jake Ryan. On the flip side, there is Brian Hoyer, Barry Alvarez, Tim Tebow, Joe Montana, and countless more.

Make sure to catch 2:10 for a famous Notre Dame alum from the late 1970’s, and 3:49 for the end of the 1980 Michigan-Ohio State game. There’s also a knockout hit by Sam Sword (yes, Michigan’s name game has been on point for years) at 6:51. Good stuff.