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Michigan Football Releases Its Spring Practice Schedule

Michigan players are going to be busy - and tired.

NCAA Football: UNLV at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to Aaron Bills, the graphic design guru for Michigan football, we now know Michigan’s entire spring practice schedule.

Practices begin on March 24th, which is only 17 days away (!). After Friday and Sunday workouts to kick things off, Michigan football will have a mid-week practice on the 29th and then really kick into high gear - with five practices in just 9 days and seven in a two-week period from March 29th to April 13th.

That all culminates in a Michigan spring game on April 15th, a wrap-up practice on the 18th, and then a week to let the lessons (and for some, missed opportunities) sink in. Michigan spring football will end in Rome, which I’m told is beautiful this time of year.

Thanks to Michigan football, it’ll be a lot tougher, too. Go Blue.