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2017 Season Win Expectations and Fan Poll

How many wins will make it a success with so many new faces?

Hey! We got the gang together for an impromptu extra roundtable - giving our thoughts on Michigan’s win total and why we’re optimistic or still on the fence. Let us know your thoughts by clicking below.

David Noe: Surprise Team in B1G

Michigan is coming off a 10-3 season with three tough losses by a total of 5 points. 5 POINTS! This makes the second consecutive year for Michigan to win 10 games, but no Big Ten Championship appearance or a win over Ohio State. For some programs, 10 wins a year is enough to call it a success, but this is Michigan, the winingest program in college football with a hungry fan base.

There are 17 starters gone, yes, 17. Many that follow college football close may look at that amount of starters to replace and say Michigan may take a step back in 2017, but they have Coach Jim Harbaugh, so anything is possible.

This time of the year, the Michigan diehards are desperately waiting for the season ger the tease of a spring game to watch the players compete against each other and find guys to get excited about, but we still have no idea who's starting and many question marks. Once spring passes, we get ready for the long dog days of summer before Michigan takes on Florida in Texas in the huge season opener.

If I look at the schedule, it favors Michigan playing some rival games at The Big House, but still road tests for a young team with many new faces on both sides of the ball. Based on what we know today, which is very little, I'll predict 11 wins, including a bowl win.

Maize Mike: The time is now!

Michigan no longer has to rebuild, we simply reload. Look for our freshman to contribute immediately on both sides of the ball. Donovan Peoples-Jones and Tarik Black will contribute nicely and on the defensive side of the ball, look for Ambry Thomas and J’Marick Woods in the secondary to rise above expectations. Moreover, Cesar Ruiz should assume Center duties moving Mason Cole to wherever he is needed. This will bolster the line and finally allow us to finish games by running the ball against tired defenses. Let’s check the schedule:

Florida: Get an offense. Surprisingly, easy win. 1-0

Cincinnati, Air Force, Purdue: Rich Rod isn’t coming any time soon, soooo 4-0

Little Brother: Good luck with the scandal. 5-0

Indiana: John O’Korn managed to beat you. Try again next season. 6-0

Penn State: McSorley is too much of gunslinger and can’t throw jump balls to Godwin this year. Your tears can hide on your white shirts. 7-0

Rutgers: Hahahahahaha. 8-0

Minnesota: Rodney Smith is good and this game will be hard fought between the trenches. Wolverines get it done at home. 9-0

Maryland: Sorry DJ, jet sweeps every other play cannot hide offensive inefficiencies. 10-0

Wisconsin: The most difficult game of the season. Michigan wins by 3 and secures the Big 10 East. 11-0

Ohio State: Despite a loss not affecting the Big 10 East title, Michigan surprises Meyer and company with a decisive win. Barrett reverts back to his old ways of not being able to complete a pass further than 8 yards and to make up for a certain play last year, Michigan wins big. BALL DON’T LIE J.T.! 12-0

Prediction: 12+ wins, College Football Playoff. In a time of sports redemption (Clemson football, UNC basketball, and potentially Indians baseball, Warriors basketball), Michigan shocks the world and Harbaugh does what he does best, wins.

Freddie P. Soft: Not this year

You know what, Michigan’s done great. I’m really impressed! They turned around the program after no time at all, although a disappointing 2016 season proves that not all effort is good effort. Sometimes, you fall short, and it’s just hard to pick yourself up at that point.

This season, I’m expecting Michigan to do well again. They’re in a tough division - one of the toughest - and in that kind of situation you have to just kind of roll with the punches and hope you remain standing when it’s all over. Michigan should definitely post a winning season, and I’ll be proud of that, but after that - well, it’s tough to beat some of the good teams, and I’m not sure whether that’s really possible with how much talent we lost. I’m proud of them, anyway.

So, I’ll predict 8 wins.

Your Turn

Alright, what do you think? How many games does Michigan win in 2017?


How many games will Michigan win in 2017?

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  • 13%
    12+ wins
    (208 votes)
  • 31%
    11 wins
    (491 votes)
  • 28%
    10 wins
    (442 votes)
  • 16%
    At least 9 wins and beating Ohio State
    (257 votes)
  • 9%
    8 wins or less, or 9 wins with no OSU win
    (153 votes)
1551 votes total Vote Now