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Scouting Report: 4* TE Brevin Jordan

The Las Vegas native is tearin’ it up on the football field.

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Update: Brevin Jordan has just committed to the U. Technically UM, but not the good one.

Strengths: Tremendous change of direction, great straight-line speed, powerful frame, great hands.

Weaknesses: Listed at only 6’3”, may need to develop his in-line blocking.


Out of all the positions, tight end may be my favorite. The possibilities are endlessly intriguing when you have a rare athlete, but strength and toughness still matter and factor in a lot.

Brevin has a lethal combination of straight-line speed (for occasional go routes into the end zone) and change of direction out in space (he reminds me of an oversized Chris Evans at times). But he’s also 6’3”, 257, which implies more of an in-line tight end at the next level. But looking at his tape, I’m not so sure.

He’s not exactly Naseir Upshur (blast from the past), who was more of a pure H-back prospect who could run the ball and do a lot of things around the line. Jordan is more of a space guy, more of a playmaker, and yet he’ll level a lot of the DBs he’ll come across.

Player that he could turn into: ??? He’s his own dude. Jim Harbaugh likes collecting all sorts of tight ends, from wide receivers like Zach Gentry to starting right tackles like Tyrone Wheatley. Jordan is an intriguing mix of both, and we’ll just have to see what kind of player he turns into. And, of course, whether Jim Harbaugh can persuade him.


Does Michigan stand a chance with Brevin Jordan?

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