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Video: Michigan Players Land In The Eternal City

Michigan invades Rome, and Harbaugh talks team-building and recruiting.

Travel Destination: Rome Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Hey, all. I’m just going to start sharing some videos that have come up in the last day or so on YouTube. Enjoy:

Alright, so one of the fun things about the Pantheon is it’s one of the best-maintained buildings in all of Roman history, with a unique circular cella (basically, an interior room inside a temple) that makes it unclear how pagan Romans worshiped in it. In 608 A.D., it was given to Pope Boniface IV to be used as a church, and it’s filled that role ever since.

The word “pantheon” now means any temple dedicated to all the gods of a religion, or those gods themselves, but the original Pantheon could have been a nickname, with the original name now lost. It’s also not clear the Romans used the Pantheon as a place to worship every god, even though statues of many of the gods are inside it. The cella inside remains the world’s largest unsupported concrete dome.

Here’s a Rick Pizzo interview with Wilton Speight:

Jim Harbaugh got in trouble for playing some football in a mall - oops.

SportsCenter was on hand - a very light-hearted piece with Cari Champion and Marty Smith, plus a Jim Harbaugh interview. ‘Intrigued by the family man,’ eh? This is the Jim Harbaugh we already know, by the way.

And here’s some more video of Jim Harbaugh and Rome. Go Blue.