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Michigan 2017 NFL Draft Profile: Ryan Glasgow

Heart, brute force, and a love of the game. We look at the pros and cons of Ryan Glasgow’s game.

BYU v Michigan Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

With the NFL Draft just a couple days away, more than a dozen Michigan players have a legitimate chance at hearing their name called. Among them is second-team All Big Ten, Michigan Wolverine’s Football Defensive Linemen of the Year, Ryan Glasgow.

The Basics

Height: 6-3

Weight: 302 pounds

Bench Reps: 20

40 yard dash: 5.13

Do Your Homework- game film against Ohio State


  • Heart: Glasgow was a walk-on at Michigan, and now look at him. He wasn’t guaranteed to make the team, let alone become a starter, team leader, and key contributor on defense. This is a testament of his will-power, and scouts do not overlook the human element of the game, teams want players who love playing the game for the pure reasons. Glasgow fits this bill. Secondly, along with his love for the game comes the heart he has on the gridiron. Whether he is over-matched, injured yet playing, fatigued, whether there’s snow on the ground, the field is a muddy mess, or he’s a bloody mess, Glasgow is going to give his team every ounce of effort he can possibly give. He’s a gamer.
  • Bull-Rush: While not always utilized or successful, Glasgow did show when the correct footwork is displayed and hands driven into the offensive lineman at the necessary depth, he can plow his foe back and disrupt a clean pocket for the quarterback.
  • A Moving Part: In a 4-3 scheme Glasgow can be moved from inside to outside and vice-versa. Versatility will help him have a shot at longevity in the NFL.
  • NFL Pedigree: It never hurts to have a brother who is a starter in the pros, Detroit Lions Graham Glasgow.
  • Double Team Fighter: Glasgow was double teamed a lot in 2016, and he handled the challenge well for the most part. He was able to shed the onslaught, clog the hole still, or evade the double team and somehow get into the backfield, or to the oncoming ball carrier. This was not always the case, but he did admirably more often than not.


  • Lower Body: Much of Glasgow’s strength is generated from his upper body, because of this he can lose his footing or be taken down if off-balance due to less than ideal lower body strength. This also makes it more difficult to push linemen back. I’d like to see his legs generate some more power.
  • Lateral quickness: Glasgow needs to be in a scheme that does not rely on stunts and creating mismatches by quick lateral movement along the d-line before attacking downhill. Glasgow does not have the necessary acceleration and movement to his game that creates a fast pass rush in this way. He gets slowed down in the process and becomes a non-factor on the play.
  • Over-commits: At times can sway too far in one direction when there is no indication the play is going to that side of the gap/field. I would like to see him square up his shoulders more which will allow him to make that split second tackle with the added vision that comes with keeping his eyes in the backfield opposed to over-pursuing in one direction aggressively gambling the ball-carrier is going that way.
  • Two Down Player Perception: Some teams may consider Glasgow a liability in obvious passing situations, which could take him off the field on third downs, or any down and long to go situation.

2016 Stats

  • 39 total tackles, 4 sacks, 9.5 tackles for loss, one forced fumble.


If you are to watch any set of Ryan Glasgow game film compilations, much of it will not jump out and impress you off the bat. However, what is important is his collective body of work. His body of work is what Michigan fans, players, and coaches have come to know. Glasgow is a relentless player, who will play through pain and shortcomings to see a better play and day. His conditioning was excellent and that bodes well for any training camp and preseason showcase he has the opportunity to partake in. The fact teams perceive him as a two down player will bump him down some draft boards. I fully expect Glasgow to be drafted in round 6 or 7. Being a late round pick is an impressive feat for a former walk-on. He will have a shot in the pros, and only time will tell if he beats the odds as he has to this point in his life.