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The Day Jim Harbaugh Met The Pope

Jim Harbaugh gave the Pope a custom Michigan helmet and pair of Jordan’s. A sentance that will be hard to top.

NCAA Football: Michigan Spring Game Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Day Jim Harbaugh Met The Pope

The Rome trip has been another move by Jim Harbaugh that many have followed closely and have their own opinions about. Some see it simply as a recruiting tactic and another way he’s pushing the envelope in college football, while others see it for what it is, a trip of a lifetime. Now that’s just my opinion, of course; but I feel those making a big deal about it are simply jealous.

The last several days have included team activities and sight seeing to soak up what that area of the world is all about. For some, this was the first time out of the United States to a place many will never have the opportunity to visit. Many will look back and talk about this trip for a very long time.

One of the most memorable moments will certainly be when they were up close with the Pope in Vatican City. The media had a different view high up top, but took in the amazing scenery that is Vatican City.

Coach Jim Harbaugh saw the Pope up close and had the opportunity to hand him a Michigan custom winged helmet and pair of Jordan’s.

Jim Harbaugh spoke with the media shortly after to sum up what it meant to him. He started off by saying, “Top three priorities in my life; faith, family and football.” He was asked what it means to see his son get baptized and his daughter receive her first communion in Vatican City. “If I accomplished nothing more in my life, if I were to go right now, I’ll be going out a blessed man. This is as good as it gets, this has been the experience of a lifetime.”

Jim Harbaugh explaining the moment he handed the Pope his gifts.

Jim’s wife, Sarah, also commented about this amazing moment.

Some of the players also shared their view of the Pope.

What an amazing day and opportunity for the team, especially for Jim Harbaugh.

The team starts their first of three practices tomorrow then leave on Sunday.