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Quick Analysis: What Myles Sims Brings To Michigan

Other than all the stuff he’s tremendous at, I think he’s all right.

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Strengths: Huge ups, great length, natural, fluid, tremendous athleticism, great lateral quickness and acceleration, great hands, very physical.

Weaknesses: No laser vision, cannot fly, no shield, neither DC nor Marvel, cannot read non-quarterback minds.


Sometimes, there are guys who are so good you just throw up your hands and turn to sarcasm. You know, I think he’s all right. We’ll see what happens.

Sims is an extremely exciting, multi-dimensional prospect, and in some ways that obliterates nuance and room for error. We’ll see how hard of a worker he is - he talks to Harbaugh, I’m guessing he’s good enough - and we’ll see whether he can fix some of those weaknesses I outlined above. I won’t bet against him.

Player that he could turn into: I will say this once: Richard Sherman.

Depending on who you root for in the NFL, Sherman is either begrudgingly respected, absolutely hated or completely adored, and I won’t get into any of that conversation. But Sherman’s a terrific cornerback, large and physical for his position but also athletic with the right mindset - very smart, and very proud.

As I said, we’ll see how much of a competitor Sims turns out to be, but I don’t think that’s a concern.

No pressure, kid.