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Quick Analysis: What Joe Milton Brings To Michigan Football

You know what, he’s pretty good.

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Strengths: Cannon for an arm, has patience and timing, great vision, incredible agility and good athleticism, long-distance accuracy who can take off velocity or manipulate the trajectory of passes depending on the situation, can throw perfectly on the run and has a lot of zip on even longer throws that will prevent interceptions from roaming defenders.

Weaknesses: Raw, needs a lot of reps given how much he’s able (and trying) to do.


When I was finished watching Joe Milton’s highlights, I turned on Dorian Thompson-Robinson’s highlights. Then Artur Sitkowski’s film. Then, Breaking Bad. But, that wasn’t.. it’s a really good show, I just felt like watching it. Not related.

Anyway, I think Michigan got a good deal in this cycle. As everyone has said, Milton is raw, and I’d feel comfortable if he were on campus for a while before we really needed him to win games. But I love his upside.

In fact, here’s a good hot take for you: I think he’s a better dual-threat quarterback than DTR - not in terms of his ability to just run, and DTR is certainly more athletic and college game-ready. (Plus, at 6’2”, DTR is better built to use his athleticism to get first downs.)

But Joe Milton has the ability to extend plays for days. He’s still a guy who passes his way out of problems ultimately, but he can do a lot of amazing things with his feet that results in 40-yard gains, 50-yard gains through the air rather than 15-yard gains on the ground. And his upside is simply higher than most other quarterbacks. I’m ecstatic to see what Milton can do under Harbaugh’s tutelage.

Player that he could turn into: Again, I’m really high on Milton’s game. With his potential to be surgical on the run, to make plays with his feet that still end in a pass, then Lion killer Aaron Rodgers comes to mind. It’s a rich analogy, but I believe Milton could be that good.

Here’s a good sequence of plays that shows what someone can do with a lightning-quick release, the height to see over the line of scrimmage, and the ability to scramble and then out-run guys. Unfortunately, I can’t embed it, because NFL.