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Michigan Football Schedules (2016-2027)

Photo credit: Dustin Johnson, Maize n Brew

2016 Schedule

2017 Schedule

Projected S&P+ comes from this link from February. Phil Steele’s data base of returning starters can be accessed here.

And for reference, Michigan’s S&P+ in 2016 was #3 in the country. It’s offense/defense split last year was #41/#2, and its projected S&P+ for 2017 is #10. According to Phil Steele, Michigan returns 5 starters total, 4 on offense.


Future schedules: 2018, 2019

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Notre Dame
Virginia Tech, and probably Justin Fuente, will be facing the Fighting Jim Harbaughs in 2020 and ‘21.
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Future non-conference opponents: 2020-27

2020: 9/5, at Washington; 9/12, Ball State; 9/19, Virginia Tech

2021: 9/11, at Virginia Tech; 9/18, Washington

2022: 9/10, UCLA

2023: 9/2, at UCLA

2024: 8/31, Texas

2025: 9/6, at Oklahoma

2026: 9/12, Oklahoma

2027: 9/4, at Texas

Unless the Michigan A.D. can fix the scheduling problem with home/away rivalry games, Michigan will have home games against Michigan State and Ohio State in 2021, ‘23, and ‘25, and away games against both those teams the same year they travel to Washington (2020).

With the way the Texas and Oklahoma games are scheduled, it may be that Michigan’s in for the long haul with MSU and OSU games both being home and away each year.