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Jim Harbaugh talks to Rich Eisen, says “waters are hot” on a young, competitive team

Pro Football Hall of Fame Press Conference Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Jim Harbaugh talked to Rich Eisen today, and talked about a wide range of subjects - the football team, of course, the recent NFL Draft and his thoughts about Rome were chief among them.

The NFL Draft, he said, was “a great example set for our younger players and incoming players .... And the youngsters that accomplished it ... they carried the majority of the water, it’s their accomplishment, but it does set a great example for our younger players.”

“A lot of the depth chart has been wiped clean at the first-string level, so that has created a lot of competition, it’s created opportunities for the fellas that’ve been sitting behind a guy for a year or two years and now their opportunity is to be the full-time starter and show what they can do. So the waters are hot, and it’s been a fun team to be coaching.”

“We’ve got a young team, and we have some good returning starters as well at some key positions, which is good, but it’s a young and talented team, and it’s our job to coach ‘em and get ‘em ready and their job to carry the load.”

Harbaugh also spoke out against Friday night college football games, saying Fridays are for high school football and college games on Fridays are “not productive for the game of football.” He also talked about his relationship with Colin Kaepernick.

The full interview can be found here.