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D.J. Wilson is moving towards a first round NBA Draft pick

The decision for D.J. Wilson to move on from Michigan and college basketball looks like it could be paying off as a first round pick.

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When it comes to predicting what is going on with the future for former Michigan forward D.J. Wilson, it hasn’t been very clear.

Since his decision to declare for the NBA Draft on May 24, there hasn't been any word of Wilson working out with NBA teams.

He injured his quad not long before he made his decision to leave Michigan, and since then there hasn't been any word on what he's been doing to improve his draft stock.

The draft is on Thursday, and while Wilson may not have enough time to show teams more, he is still trending as a late first-round pick.

According to, Wilson is predicted to be drafted by the Brooklyn Nets in the No. 22 overall slot.

ESPN’s Chad Ford thinks that Wilson will go No. 28 overall to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers “are said to be high on this high-flying stretch-4,” according to Ford. Rob Pelinka is an ex-Wolverine and now is the general manager of the Lakers, as announced in March.

The No. 2 overall pick and getting Lonzo Ball or not is obviously the most intriguing pick to the public, but the former Wolverine may have his eyes set on Wilson.

One thing is clear here, and that is Wilson will find himself on an NBA team, and it will most likely be late in the first round between the 20-30 spots.

Even if Wilson is to drop down the draft board to the second round, the Lakers also hold the third pick in the second round (No. 33 overall).’s Gary Parish is one of the people who think Wilson will fall out of the first round, landing as the No. 32 overall pick to the Pheonix Suns.

The 6-foot-10 forward did workout for the Utah Jazz (who holds the No. 24 and 30 overall picks in the first round), and the San Antonio Spurs (No. 29 overall) before the quad injury.

There was a rumor of Wilson being guaranteed a first-round pick by the Jazz, but Utah’s vice president of personnel Walt Perrin ended that rather quickly.

At the end of the day, no matter where Wilson goes, he has not been listed to be a part of the green room invitees during Thursday’s draft in Brooklyn.

Regardless, it is just a matter of days and hours before Wilson will find out the next step on his journey to accomplish his “dream” of playing in the NBA.