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Now is not the time to pile on a rival

With the news official of the 3 players charged at Michigan State, the time for trolling has to stop.

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan State made it official on Tuesday when they announced the dismissal of three players in Demetric Vance, Josh King and Donnie Corley after being charged with criminal sexual conduct.

Listen, the details of the case are now out there and the names are official. This is not the place to address that. However, there is one very important thing to address.

As a Michigan fan, this is not your place to pile on and troll.

What’s happening at MSU is despicable and it is being dealt with. Due to the sensitive nature of the case, details throughout were sparse and the university was put in a really tough spot. Some called “coverup!” for what was or wasn’t coming out of East Lansing.

Despite your thoughts on Mark Dantonio and the program, this is all very sad. Nobody could have predicted things to unravel quite like they have in East Lansing, and Dantonio, his team, the athletic department and community as a whole is going to have to figure out how to right the ship here.

There are some Michigan fans (a very small section) taking a lot of pride in how everything is going down. Their hatred in their rival flows so deep that they care not about those affected, but that the symbol that they hate is crumbling.

This is sports. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a distraction from everyday life, where we all have enough of our own problems. This is very sad, and goes far beyond wins and losses and rivalries. There is not a single person that should take solace in this.

Wolverines fans wanted the gap to close between MSU and themselves, and it did very quickly. Nobody wanted to see it go down like this, but this is now the situation that has occurred.

This is disgusting. This is sick. This is tragic.

To those fist-pumping over it, put your pom poms away and grow a conscience.