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Friday Michigan Recruiting Roundup: Christmas in June?

Photo credit: Dustin Johnson, Maize n Brew

Sunny Odogwu decision likely coming today

First, let me start by recommending this article by Sam Webb, which culminates with the headline part that Odogwu is nearing his decision but adds a lot of depth and perspective to his story along the way.

And for casual fans, yes, Sunny should have his decision by sometime today - “unless something insane happens,” as his coach said. I have a good feeling the Wolverines will pull this out, but then again, I was the optimist who saw a 10-win season back in 2014. (Yeah, about that.) So maybe I’m not the most reliable. (Update: Lack of reliability confirmed, Odogwu to the Bruins. Darn.)

Michigan’s five best prospect fits for 2018

Also, while I’m dishing out the links, here was a great feature by 247Sports - choosing the five ‘Christmas list’ type players for the 2018 cycle.

William Barnes, on the left, is one of five best prospect fits according to 247Sports
Student Sports

Getting some depth at Viper, certainly, will be a big dynamic that we haven’t talked too much about and the 2018 class will try to answer that. Getting William Barnes wouldn’t hurt, either.

Checking in on the running backs

Steve Lorenz is reporting that four-star D.C. tailback Mychale Salahuddin and three-star Georgia back Michael Barrett are likely at the top ($) of the staff’s board given the lack of other options right now for 2018. Both of them have lots of speed and are under 6’0”. (For context, Michigan already has the 5’11”, 187-pound Christian Turner committed in 2018. Turner’s game is more based on quickness, balance, and footwork than raw speed. Seems Harbaugh is stocking up on smaller guys.)

Meanwhile, 2019 Washington, D.C. tailback Joachim Bangda (who’s 5’10”, 195 and unranked by both 247 and Scout, so to make things really confusing, I watched his highlights and hereby grant him three stars for the purposes of this conversation) spoke to Scout ($) and said it was great to meet Harbaugh at a recent satellite camp in D.C. Also, he’s definitely still hoping for an offer from the Wolverines.

Bangda currently has offers from 10 schools, including Michigan State, Ohio State, Indiana .... and Bama.

“It would mean a lot,” Bangda said of a potential U-M offer. “Considering I would have (offers from) Michigan and Michigan State and Ohio State, and they’re kind of rivals, everyone would try to be getting me everywhere.”

Bangda will be visiting Ann Arbor in late July, and is hoping to one day be a neurosurgeon.

Basketball: 2018 4-star shooting guard to visit soon

So, I’m not used to dishing out basketball recruiting news, but we are one scholarship short right now and the staff is trying to follow up a very solid ‘17 class with a similarly productive ‘18 class. Four-star shooting guard Noah Locke will be heading to Ann Arbor ($) on June 20, and Michigan really wants him.

"Coach Jeff Meyer (a U-M assistant) and Coach Beilein have been in contact with me the most," Locke told The Michigan Insider. "They've been telling me that I am a great player and will fit great in the Michigan system... We talk once or twice a week."

Michigan currently has David DeJulius, a three-star point guard out of Detroit, already committed.

"I'm interested in Michigan because of the way they develop their players and prepare them for the next level," Locke said. "Also, I like that they always have great scorers that go through Michigan."

Locke, a Maryland native, is the #130 player in the country for 2018.

Howard Cross is 6’2”, 240 out of Montvale, New Jersey.

2019 News & Notes: Revenge of the distant future

So, we don’t have to worry about 2019 recruiting as much, but the coaches sure do. They’ve been busy making good impressions and talking to guys who will fit team needs.

Yesterday’s Brews hit on a few guys already, but a couple other guys worth mentioning are 2019 four-star receiver DeMarcco Hellams and 2019 defensive end Howard Cross (I bequeath him four stars, as well). Hellams and Cross both had some good quotes to share about Michigan.

“They like me at wide receiver and safety,” said Hellams ($). “Their message is they compare me to some of the safeties they have, safeties they got to the league. They let me know that they can really improve my game. And if I came there and worked hard, I could be successful at Michigan.”

As for what he’s looking for? “Campus life, getting a meaningful degree, football doesn’t last forever,” he said. “And sometimes when I go on tour I walked up to a regular student and ask them ‘how do you like this school?’ I get the perspective from a person who doesn’t play any sports, just see how the college life is.”

You, too, can be a recruiter for the University of Michigan.

Cross, meanwhile, admitted to being a big fan ($) of the Wolverines. “I know Amani Toomer went there, he’s very good friend of my family. I just know they are very good at academics and football.”

“I’m not sure where I want to go right now, I’m trying to figure it out,” he said of his visit schedule. “But if I were to go to Michigan I would like to see the facilities, the school and the campus.”