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Former Michigan point guard Andrew Dakich transfers to Ohio State

Dakich will now be playing for Michigan’s main foe

Michigan v Oregon Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

As Ron Burgundy would say... “Well, that escalated quickly.” Former back-up Michigan Wolverines point guard Andrew Dakich graduated from Michigan in May, and he was slated to play for Qunnippiac University next season as a grad transfer.

That all changed today, as Dakich is now going to Michigan’s arch nemesis and will be playing for the Ohio State Buckeyes:

Dakich was a walk-on at Michigan and was granted a surprise scholarship in early January, one in which he initially thought was a joke. This made him sort of a beloved figure to the Wolverines faithful. Going to Ohio State was a good decision for Dakich, but one that will draw the ire of Michigan fans and former teammates. In his career at Michigan Dakich posted 22 points and 21 assists.

More to come as the story develops...