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Victors Valiant Episode 2: Andrew Dakich, Jeremy Ruckert, Favorite Big House Memory!

Join us for another episode of our new podcast!

Michigan v Maryland Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome to the second episode of Victors Valiant.

We are going to be taking a brief hiatus this upcoming week. Apparently there are these things called “vacations,” so Andy decided to do one of those. Whatever that is, hopefully he has fun.

In this episode, Andy, Kullen and myself discuss Andrew Dakich transferring to Ohio State, the top tight end in the 2018 recruiting cycle committing to Ohio State, who we think from the 2017 class of non-early enrolled players can make a difference this year and what our favorite memory from The Big House is.

Comment below what your favorite memory from The Big House is, and be sure to leave us suggestions as to how we can improve your listening experience.

We will also be taking questions from you guys in our next podcast, so leave some questions down below or tweet them while using #VictorsValiant. I give pretty awesome shout outs, so don’t be shy.

Thank you for your support, and as always Go Blue!