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Urban Meyer voices thoughts on last years game against Michigan and the controversial “spot”

Urban gets a little candid about Michigan

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Urban Meyer mentioned earlier in the morning at Big Ten Media Days that he believes the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry is the best in sports, he expounded on that in his afternoon presser. Meyer noted how Harbaugh has helped the Big Ten ascend in the recruiting ranks, and in terms of competitiveness. Meyer then discussed last years controversial and hard fought game against Michigan, which Ohio State won in overtime

“I think it was the first overtime game in that whole rivalry, so that’s kind of neat to be part of that. I know one thing, you better be ready to go when you play those guys.” Meyer said.

The games second to last play had a ball spot that will forever live in infamy, undoubtedly one of, if not, the most disputed and controversial first down calls in the history of the rivalry. The spot on the J.T. Barrett run was ruled a first down, but just as any other big controversy, opinions differ drastically on whether it was or not.

Meyer was asked if he’s gone back and looked at the spot, “about a hundred times” Meyer said. “What did you think of it?” Someone asked. Meyer replied with “We start practice Thursday.” A journalist in the front row right next to me held up his hands, signifying the spot was short, Meyer gave him a smile and it was on to the next question. Take that as you wish.