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Friday Michigan Recruiting Roundup: Weekend Getaways

NCAA Football: Michigan Spring Game Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

2019 QB J.T. Daniels coming for the BBQ

The #1 QB in the 2019 class, J.T. Daniels (who is also the #4 overall player in 2019, as well) has confirmed that he’ll be travelling from his lovely confines of California to take in Michigan’s BBQ at the Big House ($).

Daniels said he will actually be coming to the Great Lakes State on the 27th to see family and friends, then the next day head up to Ann Arbor to hang with the coaches and check out the campus. Finally, on the 29th, he looks forward to enjoying the BBQ at the Big House.

He added on coming to the BBQ at the Big House, "The BBQ will be awesome way to get to know others I could play with! And spend more time with the coaches!"

His dad grew up in Utica, Michigan and huge Wolverine and Detroit sports fan. Daniels also told me that he grew up liking the Wolverines along with the Pistons, Tigers and Lions as well.

Are you excited? I’m excited.

Christian Turner doing his thing

Michigan running back commit Christian Turner was one of the ones at The Opening, and he spoke to Rivals afterward about what it was like ($).

“I’d say I’ve gotten to know Emil and Gemon pretty well,” Turner said. “They’re on my team, so I got to talk to them a lot. I actually think it was set up that way on purpose, because they have a lot of Michigan commits on one team.”

“I’m really focused on trying to get Jeremy Ruckert and Isaac Taylor-Stuart to come,” he revealed. “They like Michigan, but it’s all fun out here, so I’m not trying to push them to make a decision or anything. We’re just out here having fun, but I’m going to stay in their ear about it. Derrik Allen is another one I’m working on – I want him to flip.”

Also, I can’t not include this video of him juking a defender out to space.

Turner also said he’ll be up in Ann Arbor for the BBQ, and is working hard to make an impact early.

Nickname in the works?

While we’re talking about Michigan commits, 2019’s Charles Thomas had this to say to Rivals’ Brandon Brown ($).

"I sat down with Coach Brown and we went over plays and I realized Michigan's defense is meant for me. I also like the tradition and just the overall vibe,” he said.

“I just want to bring meanest, toughest, most aggressive guys with me in the 2019 class. That's why I call it the Monster Class. I have some good friends in Georgia and at IMG that fall in that monster category and I want them to play with me. I'm going after Noah Cain, Chris Hinton, DJ Turner, Steele Chambers, Keiondre Jones and Evan Neal just to name a few."

It seems Michigan got a perfect first commit for the ‘19 cycle.

News & Notes

Michigan football, which is in the top 5 for 2018 four-star linebacker J.J. Peterson, is in an interesting position ($) for the #2 outside linebacker in the country. They haven’t had much communication, but Peterson seems enamored.

“I just got to see it,” he said. “I just can’t say ‘I can’t see Michigan.’”

He’ll be visiting for either the BBQ or an official visit in the fall.

Auburn appears to be gaining momentum ($) for three-star Viper prospect Jamien Sherwood. Also, Steve Lorenz reported that Michigan is pushing hard for Georgia receiver Kearis Jackson.

“Michigan came after Jackson hard early on, things cooled off and now they appear to be back on. It won't be easy to reel him away from the Bulldogs, but the staff is going to try,” said Lorenz.