Wanted: Fans interested in taking part in a semi-regular roundtable this fall

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Hi! I'm Nick. I hang around Maize n Brew, write some stuff. I actually got started writing fan posts, coincidentally.

Anyway, I had the pleasure of talking to a Michigan fan recently who was inquiring about some opportunities this fall to have his voice heard, and we started talking about possibilities until this idea formed - a roundtable that we'd run about every three weeks or so during the season, voiced by fans instead of official MnB staff writers.

I would serve as the moderator of this little venture, getting your thoughts, getting your reactions, and you would be able to have your voice heard on a larger scale than if you were just commenting at the bottom of our articles. It would be a less official, probably casual, but certainly informative and enjoyable addition to our roundtable lineup. We'd run it every few weeks or so, as I said, to offer our readers another perspective and give you guys the opportunity to have your voice heard a little louder than before.

If you are interested in something like this, email me at and tell me a little about yourself. How long have you been a fan, and why are you a fan? What do you expect out of this 2017 season, and what's your thought on some of the young guys who are primed for starting roles? I don't want to make you do a lot of work in your application, and you don't have to answer each of those questions I just gave. Just give me a sense of who you are and why you're here.

We may do a rotating cast of guest writers, depending on how much interest there is in this endeavor and how many candidates stand out. But we'll definitely try to have this be both successful and a fun experience for everyone involved. Thanks for reading, and Go Blue.

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