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Tuesday Morning Brews: Four Pack

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We have a four pack of interviews on tap this morning

NCAA Football: Michigan at Utah Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, folks. Welcome to Tuesday Brews. This morning we have more interviews from fall camp; starting out with Secondary Coach Brian Smith, before moving on to players. You guys might find the second video to be of particular interest, as it tees up the QB battle between Wilton Speight and John O’Korn. That battle is now in its final week, as a starter will soon be named and the team will go into game week preparations for Florida.

Let’s get to it:

Secondary Coach Brian Smith has his work cut out for him in his second year with Michigan Football. After having a stable of experienced players to choose from in his first year, the pickings are considerably younger this year. Smith says he has, “a lot of young guys coming from high school starting from the ground up . . . .” This off-season Smith has focused on teaching these guys the fundamentals and getting them ready to compete on the college level, as opposed to last year where that foundation was already in place. For more on how the secondary is developing throughout camp, and some background on the relatively unknown Coach Smith himself, check out the video above.

While many expected the QB competition to be primarily fought between returning starter Wilton Speight and young gun Brandon Peters, it appears that John O’Korn has supplanted Peters as the threat to Speight’s starting job. Both have made significant investments in themselves during the off-season, working on technique and fitness (Speight shed over 20 lbs). Wilton may be the presumptive starter, but John O’Korn is not without confidence. He says, “I feel right now I’m playing the best ball of my life . . . .” For more on the QB battle, check out the video above.

After serving as a backup for the past 3+ years, redshirt Senior Patrick Kugler has one last chance to be a starter for Michigan Football. In one of the more low-key position battles, Kugler has competed against newcomer Cesar Ruiz for the center position. Kugler has relied on his experience as a backup, and a training regime augmented with yoga, to give him a chance to start. For more on Kugler, and his perspective on the QB battle given his position as a center, check out the video above.

From one Senior to another, our final interview is with the only returning starter on defense - Mike McCray. Owing to his seniority and experience, McCray says that the younger guys have taken to calling him “Uncle Mike” and look to him for leadership. In order for Michigan’s defense to be successful, McCray will need to play a big role is bringing along an otherwise young LB corp. That all starts in camp, and McCray seems up to the challenge. Go Blue.