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John Beilein voted the "cleanest coach" in college basketball

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CBS did a survey with more than 100 coaches, and Michigan's own John Beilein was voted the cleanest coach out of anyone.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan at Minnesota Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

In one way or another, what happened to the Michigan basketball team last March put the program back on the map.

With it, came praise for their head coach John Beilein. Today, more of that praise came from his own peers, in a different way.

In a poll created by CBS that had over 100 coaches vote, Beilein received the most tallies for being the cleanest coach in college basketball.

Other coaches that were put in the poll against Beilein weren't even close. He received 26.6 percent of the votes, with the next highest percentage at 10.6 for Notre Dame's Mike Brey.

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament-Michigan vs Minnesota Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

This really isn't much of a surprise to any one that watches the sport regularly. Beilein has a general reputation of doing things the right way and having teams with class.

An example would be in 2009 when the head coach was labeled as the NCAA's men's basketball ethics coalition. He is one of the few coaches left that still follows the guidelines of the National Association of Basketball Coaches' for recruiting and other aspects.

He has been respected by almost every coach within his conference, including rival coach Tom Izzo who has said multiple times how much respect he has for the way Beilein runs his program.